Food Porn Pics from our Readers

Food Porn Pics from our Readers

We are starting a new column for reader submitted pics.  I’m talking to some sponsors, and we will have some prizes for the best Food Porn Pics.  You can send in your submissions to Thomas Lionheart – Capricciosa – Angelini Osteria - Los Angeles, CA: Tyler Ramirez – Pho...
Bibimbap in Los Angeles Guide

Bibimbap in Los Angeles Guide

Bibimbap Guide This pic is from the Visit Seoul website, whatever that is. As most of you know, Bibimbap is my favorite food on the planet. I eat it any chance I get. Fortunately, Bibimbap has been gaining popularity, and there are countless restaurants in Los Angeles that serve it....
Food Photography

Food Photography

Food Photography – Lost & Found Pictures
Chef Portraits Part II

Chef Portraits Part II

Chef Portraits – Lost & Found Pictures

Chef Portraits

 Chef Portraits – Lost & Found Pictures  
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Future Food: The Year 2035

Future Food: The Year 2035

Future Food from the Year 2035 is the premise of a book called The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food by author Josh Schonwald.  In an interview by Yuval Rosenberg for The Financial Times, Schonwald addresses such topics as purple carrots, a new breed of fish called Cobia, and a diet of...

Kraft Carving Board Processed Meats

Kraft Carving Board is a line of  processed meats specifically developed to look like homemade leftovers.  Apparently Kraft spent over two years to develop a technique that makes it’s homogenous slabs of turkey, ham, and beef appear fresh and wholesome.  I’ve actually bought these, and they are pretty good, but it still surprises me that...

Bhut Jolokia – World’s Hottest Pepper

Bhut Jolokia, or The Naga King Chilli is often ranked as the world’s hottest pepper.  The Smithsonian has a great article by Mary Roach and published some cool pics from The Hornbill Festival in Kohima, India.  The highlight of the festival is, of course, a Bhut Jolokia eating contest. Roach describes the backstage area after...

Rationing Food During the Second World War

Rationing food became very important during the Second World War.  The Telegraph has posted some images from a book called Eating for Victory by Jill Norman.  The Ministry of Food published many leaflets telling the British people how to make the most of their food.  Herring was pushed heavily, and the sauces they suggest to...

2013 James Beard Award Winners

James Beard Foundation Awards 2013 James Beard Foundation Award’s were held last night. Some highlights: The Cookbook of the Year went to GranCocina Latina: The Food of Latin America by Maricel E. Presilla (Amazon).  I haven’t read this yet, but will try picking it up soon. Baking and Dessert went to Flour Water Salt Yeast:...

Salt Mines – Fantastic Photo Essay

Since we’re called More Salt Please.  And Lost & Found Pictures is all about photography.  I thought this photo essay about salt mines around the world would be appropriate.  From The Atlantic comes “The Strange Beauty of Salt Mines”.  It is part of the In Focus series by Alan Taylor.  Click HERE to see more...
Sayuri - Beverly Hills - Guest Review

Sayuri – Beverly Hills – Guest Review

Sayuri in Beverly Hills, CA – Guest Review by Lauren Harper – Visit Lauren on Twitter at ThePartyForOne “Sayuri is my secret (and now not-so-secret!) restaurant when I want to relax and enjoy quality sushi in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. I always order the Salmon sushi with Truffle Oil to start. The salmon is...

Pizza Hut Monstrosity Available Today

Pizza is a very simple dish, and it is perfect just the way it is.  I really don’t understand Pizza Hut’s problem.  They insist on shoving cheese into every single nook and cranny.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cheese.  But their stuffed crust pizza is disgusting.  It’s like a lead weight in your...

Salt Blamed for 1 in 10 US Deaths

Salt has been blamed in nearly 2.3 million cardiovascular deaths in 2010.  The Harvard research team says that 1 in 10 Americans die from eating too much salt.  You can read more HERE.  I like that the Salt Institute – an industry group representing salt manufacturers – disagrees with the findings.

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Some interesting links for your perusal: The Links at Kingsbarns ‘The Taste’ ends first season with a sad wimper (The Huffington Post) – I really hope none of you took the time to watch ‘The Taste’.  It was a serious stinker.  It’s sad because I love Bourdain, Nigella, and Ludo.  The entire reality-based food genre...

Chef Hajime Sato’s Sushi at Mashiko

Mashiko restaurant in Seattle, Washington is owned by Chef Hajime Soto.  Here is a quick video I found of the chef giving some advice on sustainable sushi, and creating a Northwest Roll.  Mashiko has been a fully sustainable sushi bar since 2009.  Here is the video, followed by some links to more information…                                                      Chef...